Beautiful Girl in Dress, Jacket, Pantyhose and Shoes with High Heels Gets Soaking Wet

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    This is Sophia, and today it is her first experience of Wetlook shooting. For this long haired girl, this is an extremely exciting event, so she carefully prepared for it, and picked up a gorgeous outfit. Wetlook girl wore a fantastic combined dress - blue chiffon skirt and black leather upper. Girl's look was supplemented with black pantyhose, black faux leather jacket and shoes with high heels. In general, Sophia looked awesome. I think that our Wetlook will also be cool. At first, fully clothed girl just walks along the lake shore. Her shoes filled with water and got wet. This is a very strange feeling for girl, since she has never been swimming fully clothed yet. The deeper the girl came into the water, the wetter her shoes and pantyhose get. The skirt of her dress also gets wet and floats above the water. It was pretty funny. Wet girl began to splash the water and gradually her dress and jacket became soaking wet. Her pantyhose shone, faux leather jacket got heavy, and dress stuck to the hips, but it did not stop the girl from enjoying her Wetlook. Wet girl played with her hair in the lake, and water splashes scattered all over around. In the end, soaking wet girl lay in the shallow water. Her dress, pantyhose, jacket and hair were partially covered with water. Now Sophia is convinced that she wants to try herself in Wetlook again, but next time she will choose other great clothes to make soaking wet. Well, to the new wet meetings.

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