Active Swimming by Fully Clothed Wetlook Model in Pool

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    Lenght:11:14 min
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    Today I want to represent you an extreme active photo and video Wetlook shooting of a completely dressed blonde girl in the pool. This is Nadia and for this wet adventure, she decided to put on a light gray blouse, jeans shorts and pantyhose. To begin with, we slowly started to make girls pantyhose gradually wet. But Nadia did not agreed with it because she already had another plan. As only we took few Wetlook photos in dry pantyhose and jeans shorts, the fully clothed girl in pantyhose came into the water and began to dive. As a result, all her clothes and hair immediately got soaking wet. Her blouse and jeans shorts absorbed water and changed color. It was a very beautiful lighting in the room, and so the blue water shone brightly. It was a time to take some Wetlook photos and action video. The fully clothed Wetlook girl swam, dived, splashed the water and jumped in pool. The soaked girl was so active and positive, so I just enjoyed her shooting. It was very interesting and emotional. Wet and heavy outfit was not an obstacle for this girl. Then we hurried up to the big pool where there was a good flexible posing and swimming underwater. In conclusion, the completely wet model took a shower, still in wet pantyhose and jeans shorts. Girl's wet pantyhose shone brilliantly. The water flowed down on girl's hair, face and wet blouse. The girl was soaking from head to toe and extremely happy with her Wetlook.

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